Our Team

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President / CEO: Calvin Howard

Calvin understands the difficulties that come with graduation from high school. It is difficult for youth to become aware of all the possibilities available to them, let alone choose a path without significant help. Having grown up in a small town, he understands the difficulties of this are magnified in rural cultures. He hopes the Education Advocacy Program can make an impact on youth, helping them choose walks of life which bring them the most fulfillment, whether this is in the trades, university, or other paths. As our CEO he hopes to direct the company to reach youth across Alberta and provide resources to assist as many as possible.

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Vice President and Northern Alberta Division Director: Liam McCoy

Liam is in his third year of the BSc. Honors Neuroscience program at the University of Alberta. He is passionate about helping students to reach their potential through educational opportunities, and promoting diversity in all aspects of education.


Director of Presentations: Deepan Hazra

Hi folks, my name is Deepan and I’m currently in my first year of an Education after-degree at the U of A. University has been an eye-opening experience, to say the least, and providing individuals with the knowledge about the opportunities that higher education provides is one of the reasons for starting an organization like the Education Advocacy Program.

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Director of External Relations: Clement Wong

Hey guys, I am currently in the first year of the Respiratory Therapy Program at NAIT. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta, I aim to approach post-secondary education with a broader perspective. Through the Education Advocacy Program, we aspire to ensure individuals are provided with the information to make an informed decision about their education and future.

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Director of Internal Communications, Northern Alberta COO of Volunteering + Presentations: David Hu

David is a first year MSc student at the University of Alberta. He believes that he strength of a community lies within diversity, however its success stems from leadership. He looks at the Education Advocacy Program as an avenue to empower the youth with their journey to success.

Director of Presentations: Davis Wang

In his own words:

Hey Everyone! My name is Davis and I graduated from university of Alberta in 2014 as a chemical engineer. For simplicity sakes, University was hard. And having undergone 5 years of it, I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help ease the transition for some of the future generations.


Southern Alberta Division Director: Rhiannon Brett

Rhiannon has spent a great deal of time in school (and continues to do so!), as well as working as a tutor, so she has a good idea of the ups and downs of the education process. As a part of EAP, she hopes to help give students the tools to choose an education path that’s right for them.