The Education Advocacy Program is an Alberta-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals through access to post-secondary education and training. We provide professional quality presentations, materials, and access to connections for high-school students eager to learn more about the many available paths.

Our three current presentations:

Post-Secondary Broken Down

Our first presentation highlights the benefits of post-secondary education (finding a job, growing, etc.) and explains infamous myths about further education, such as the inability to find a job afterwards. Importantly, we describe various post-secondary educational paths, demands, benefits, and what comes after these. These paths range from University postgraduate degrees to one year certificate programs and our presentations are customized to include information on everything between. We provide census data comparing earnings based on educational attainment and provide a financial breakdown of the university year, showing exactly what a student must have saved, or what wage is necessary to achieve this through the summer. As well, our presentation will walk students through the first-hand story of the presenter, explaining the growths, achievements, and difficulties throughout years in post-secondary, so students may see an example at work. We have simply tried to address any concerns a student may have.

Magnificent Advice for Medical Applications

Our second presentation is regarding the nature of applications to medical schools, as well as other non-direct-entry health sciences related programs such as speech language pathology, occupational therapy, dentistry, dental hygiene, and radiation therapy. We provide advice regarding preferred extracurriculars, leadership roles, scientific involvement, the Medical College Admissions Test, and the Dental Aptitude Test, as well as addressing the controversial topic of grade point averages. In order to give your students a competitive edge, we discuss in depth the type of activities and the degree to which these activities should be pursued. Importantly, we also discuss differences in school preferences, planning for application early, a brief overview of a few common interview processes as well as many other topics. In order to exemplify all these things, we use examples from the lives of our executives, allowing the students to visualize a goal to surpass or meet.

How To Survive First Year of University

Our third presentation walks students through the first-hand story of the presenter, explaining the growths, achievements, and difficulties throughout years in post-secondary. Furthermore, all of the aforementioned content is connected to practical topics/issues of post-secondary life such as managing free time, learning to study efficiently and effectively, being responsible with finances, taking part in extracurricular activities, and of course, planning for a career.

We are also open to shaping and customizing our presentations to the specific needs of your students!